Sunday, March 18, 2012

International Favourite TV Commercial: Lolane Hair Treatment From Thailand

Rating Star: 4 Star

Personally i really think that this TV commercial showing at Thailand is hilarious!! Canyou imagine how long will it takes for you to do your hair treatment. This commercial will make you remember the funny part which is when that girl shows up and suddenly she's become very old as well as the part "Joy's DEAD"...

The idea shown in this ads is not direct, it make people think that whether it is true hair treatment product will took so long to the customer to apply hair treatment at their hair and choose the right product instead. I really love the creative idea in this ads. It automatically absorb a long-term memory for the consumer to always remember this ads when they want to find a good and faster hair treatment at home, "Lolane Hair Treatment".

Thailand is so known as an advertiser maker of great humor, suspense, sad, funny TV commercial. Just go find them at Youtube and you'll see commercial that will make you feel many kinds of feelings. I personally will always look the idea and concept of their TV commercial first before moving to other country TV ads.

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